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Пропал Канкун

Five bodies have been found in a car in the popular Mexican tourist hotspot of Cancun as the drug war death toll soars past 100 this year.
The silver Mazda sedan was found outside Hall Gym about 7am on Wednesday with a dead man in the front and others piled in the back. Police didn't say how the men died but the grisly find stoked fears of yet another drug cartel hit after escalating violence in the popular coastal city.
Earlier in the month 14 people were killed and five were wounded in six shootings in just 36 hours, the highest-ever death toll in such a short time
The car was parked near the back of the Public Prosecutor's Office, but gym workers also say they received a threat over the phone against the owner. Forensics officers took the car away on the back of a tow truck for further analysis.
Drug-related violence has spiraled out of control in Cancun this year with 100 people killed in what is believed to be gang violence. At least four bullets were fired at a beach vendor by men on water skis on Saturday in the city's hotel district. Two days earlier three men were murdered at a bar and last Monday a body riddled with bullets washed up on a popular tourist beach.
On April 11, a woman's body was found in the street. She was shot several times in the face with a "message" left on it.

А хорошее место было. Но и до сюда докатилось насилие. Сто трупов с начала года в городе с населеием дай бог в полмиллиона вместе с туристами
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