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Мудацкие лицемеры

Bags of cash delivered to a Rome hotel for favored Italian candidates. Scandalous stories leaked to foreign newspapers to swing an election in Nicaragua. Millions of pamphlets, posters and stickers printed to defeat an incumbent in Serbia.
The long arm of Vladimir Putin? No, just a small sample of the United States’ history of intervention in foreign elections.
“If you ask an intelligence officer, did the Russians break the rules or do something bizarre, the answer is no, not at all,” said Steven L. Hall, who retired in 2015 after 30 years at the C.I.A., where he was the chief of Russian operations. The United States “absolutely” has carried out such election influence operations historically, he said, “and I hope we keep doing it.”

Даже Нью Йорк Таймс признает, что США вмешиваются в выборы по всему миру, причем не в стародавние времена, а здесь и сейчас тоже и НЕ СОБИРАЮТСЯ останавливаться. "Ноэтожесовсемдругоедело!"
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