kilativ (kilativ) wrote,

Этот режим сотворил военный преступник Обама

Disturbing video clips shared on social media by their desperate families have revealed the ordeal of Sudanese migrants kidnapped and tortured for ransom in Libya.
As one clip plays, viewers can hear the slap of the whip, the whimpering as each man is forced to turn his head to the camera and beg his family to send money.
The men's relatives say they disseminated these videos on social media in a bid to raise awareness -- and within a matter of days Libyan special forces had traced where the men were held, according to Libya's UN-backed unity government.

Ливия. 2018 год. Зато свергли тирана Каддафи! Ну что, хороша демократия на остриях штыков?
Tags: Африка, Ближний Восток
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