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When Congress passed a $36.5 billion disaster relief bill to bolster rebuilding efforts in several wildfire and hurricane-damaged areas in October, it shortchanged Puerto Rico, giving it a $4.9 billion loan instead of the grant that other areas received. Now, it appears the debt- and hurricane-ravaged island won’t even get that money.
First reported in El Nuevo Dia, Puerto Rico’s daily newspaper, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Treasury Department informed the Puerto Rican government on January 9 that they will not disburse the loan through the Community Disaster Loans Program, after finding that Puerto Rico had a cash balance on December 29 of last year of $1.7 billion for ongoing operations. The letter also cited $6.875 billion scattered in various local government accounts. Since the loan was intended to fill in a gap in day-to-day funding, FEMA determined Puerto Rico does not need the money at this time.
“Funds will be provided through the CDL Program when the Commonwealth’s central cash balance decreases to a certain level,” wrote FEMA official Alex Amparo and Deputy Assistant Treasury Secretary Gary Grippo. They didn’t specify that level but added that municipalities could also apply for loans.
There’s no question that the Puerto Rican government has lacked fiscal transparency. But the very fact that Puerto Rico must receive assistance as loans rather than grants, unlike any other entity receiving disaster assistance, is bad enough. That the island is being treated like a welfare recipient found to have too much money in its bank account takes it to another level. Among U.S. territories suffering from catastrophe, only Puerto Rico is being means-tested.

Пуэрто Рико для восстановления инфраструктуры должно было получить 4.5 миллиарда долларов федеральных денег. Но когда всяким Техасам и Флоридам деньги выделили просто так, то Пуэрто Рико выделили ЗАЁМ. То есть, мало того, что экономика острова, который, на секундочку, населён американскими гражданами со всеми правами как в Техасе и Флориде, разрушена, так ему ещё придется платить за восстановление. А Техасу и Флориде - нет. Более того, пока у острова есть какие-то деньги на полицию и учителей, денег им не дадут - они слишком богатые для получения денег (займов!!!).
Это СТОЛЬ сюрреалистично, что не имеет объяснений.
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