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Сколько стоит родить в Америке

It’s nearly impossible to put a price tag on giving birth in America, since costs vary dramatically by state and hospital. But one 2013 study by the the advocacy group Childbirth Connection found that, on average, hospitals charged $32,093 for an uncomplicated vaginal birth and newborn care, and $51,125 for a standard caesarean section and newborn care. Insurance typically covers a large chunk of those costs, but families are still often on the hook for thousands of dollars. Childbirth Connection put the average out of pocket childbirth costs for mothers with insurance at $3,400 in 2013.


В среднем в 2013 цена обычных родов была 32 000 долларов, а цезарева сечения - 51 000. Обычно страховка покрывает значительную часть суммы, но тем не менее, если страховка так себе (ну те самые по 200-300 долларов в месяц) придется несколько тысяч доплатить (в среднем 3400). Если же сравнивать сколько платит страховая компания, то она платит фракцию цены, но даже фракция сильно больше, чем в странах с социализованной медициной (остальной развитый мир)
Another estimate from the International Federation of Health Plans put the average amount insurers paid for a vaginal birth in the US at $10,808 in 2015. That is quintuple the IFHP estimate for another industrialized nation, Spain, where it costs $1,950 to deliver a child. The amount insurers pay for births in America is lower than the amount billed by hospitals because insurers negotiate lower prices.

Доходит до смешного. Роды принцессы британского престола стоили меньше, чем роды в США
Even the luxurious accommodations provided to the Duchess of Cambridge for the birth of the royal family’s daughter Princess Charlotte – believed to have cost up to $18,000 – were cheaper than many births in America.

А все почему? А ненавидимая воробуржуями социализированная медицина понижает цены на медицину платную. Наличие альтернативы, знаете ли. Так ненавидимая либералами конкуренция.

А смертность при родах? Несмотря на такую высокую стоимость, смертность - на уровне Венгрии и Словакии и самая высокая среди развитых индустриализованных наций
Despite these high costs, the US consistently ranks poorly in health outcomes for mothers and infants. The US rate of infant mortality is 6.1 for every 1,000 live births, higher than Slovakia and Hungary, and nearly three times the rate of Japan and Finland. The US also has the worst rate of maternal mortality in the developed world. That means America is simultaneously the most expensive and one of the riskiest industrialized nations in which to have children.

Ну и наконец, даже наличие самой хорошей страховки не спасет от пиздеца, если он придет на мягких лапках
Stella Apo Osae-Twum and her husband did everything by the book. They went to a hospital covered by insurance, saw an obstetrician in their plan, but when her three sons – triplets – were born prematurely, bills started rolling in. The hospital charged her family $877,000 in total.
In Apo Osae-Twum’s case, private insurance covered most of the $877,000 bill, but her family was responsible for $51,000.
Apo Osae-Twum was the victim of what is called “surprise billing”. In these cases, patients have no way of knowing whether an ambulance company, emergency room physician, anesthesiologist – or, in her case, a half-dozen neonatologists – are members of the patient’s insurance plan.
Even though Apo Osae-Twum went to a hospital covered by her insurance, none of the neonatologists who attended to her sons were “in-network”. Therefore the insurance reimbursed far less of their bills.

И результат
here are few studies that estimate the number of families who go bankrupt from this type of unexpected expense. One of the best estimates is now outdated – conducted 10 years ago. But one of the authors of that research, Dr Steffie Woolhandler, estimates as many as 56,000 families each year still go bankrupt from adding a new family member through birth or adoption.
56 000 семей в год становятся банкротами как результат родов или усыновления.

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