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Коррупция бывает не только в российской армии

The ongoing scandal has seen 20 current and former Navy officials charged so far in a fraud and bribery investigation stretching across Asia.
Known as the so-called "Fat Leonard" scandal, the investigation centers on former defense contractor Leonard Glenn "Fat Leonard" Francis, whose company provided services to Navy ships including fuel and tugboats.
Since the investigation began in 2013, multiple Navy officials have been arrested and accused of accepting cash, prostitutes and all-expenses-paid trips in exchange for steering ships to ports where Francis' company operated.
The Washington Post reported in early November that the Navy is reviewing the actions of 440 more active-duty and retired personnel in connections with the scandal. According to the report, sixty current and former admirals are included in the review.

И это только тех, кого поймали и только те, кто пожадничал и не стал делиться с участием в организованной и легальной коррупции (читай лоббирование в Конгрессе). 60 адмиралов под следствием - это дохрена, я бы сказал. 20 офицеров уже получили обвинение от прокуратуры.

А вообще статья посвящена тому, что "дай денег тихоокеанскому флоту, а то денег мало".
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