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Вот вам еще про американскую территорию

Пуэрто Рико продолжает разрушаться. Более того, нам об этом ещё и врут.
Whitefish Energy is stopping its work to restore Puerto Rico's broken electricity grid because the company says it is owed more than $83 million by the island's power authority.
Whitefish CEO Andy Techmanski told CNN in an exclusive interview that repeated requests for agreed payments were not met and there was no choice but to suspend work.
He claimed credit for the restoration of transmission lines by his contractors, even after his company's controversial contract with the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) was set to be voided.
"We stopped because of the financial situation, lack of payment with PREPA has gotten beyond its maximum threshold and what we can sustain as a business," he said.
PREPA, $9 billion in debt before Hurricane Maria, came under fire and derision after it emerged the agency signed a $300 million contract with Whitefish, a young company with just two full-time employees when the storm smashed the island's power grid. FEMA said it would never have supported the contract. There were also concerns about how Whitefish approached Puerto Rican authorities and how both Techmanski and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke are from the same small Montana town.

Энергосистему острова восстанавливает какая-то мутная конторка с всего двумя полноценными работниками, которая в свою очередь жалуется, что ей не заплатили почти 90 миллионов баксов за работу. Как результат, электроснабжение как было в заднице, так и остаётся в ней. Прошло уже 2 месяца. А публика обсуждает, кого на херу вертел 40 лет назад кандидат в сенат от Алабамы! Подумаешь, три миллиона американцев (или сколько их там осталось?)!

И еще. Нам наврали даже о количестве погибших. Их не 55, как говорят, а как минимум 500.
To check the accuracy of the Puerto Rican government's figures, we called nearly every funeral home in Puerto Rico. Funeral home directors are on the front lines of this crisis -- they count the dead and they speak with family members about the circumstances. It was through a funeral home director, for instance, that we learned of Vidal's death and others.
Some funeral homes did not answer our calls, and several declined to provide data. CNN was able to collect responses from 112 of the island's funeral homes. That's about half the total number in Puerto Rico, according to Eduardo Cardona, director of the Puerto Rico Association of Funeral Home Directors. (The Puerto Rican Department of Health said it was unable to provide us with a comprehensive list of all funeral homes on the island, saying the computer systems that contain those documents remain down because of the storm).
Those funeral homes identified 499 deaths in the month after the storm -- September 20 to October 19 -- which they say were related to Hurricane Maria and its aftermath. That's nine times the official death toll. And, again, it represents only about half of funeral homes.

Теперь можете только догадываться, какие реальные потери американской армии, учитывая, что этим джентельменам вообще приходится верить на слово.
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