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Прошло уже полтора месяца...

Yet little else has changed. His roof is still missing, as are some walls. He and his cat, Tipo, sleep in the kitchen. When the wind blows The power is out, as it is for roughly 3 million Puerto Ricans, or more than 80% of the island's residents. More than a third of households in the US territory, including much of Sostre's community, are without reliable drinking water at home. That's roughly 1 million American citizens.

Света нед до сих пор у 3 миллионов жителей Пуэрто Рико (80% населения), а у миллиона нет постоянного доступа к питьевой воде (не работает водопровод). Это американцы, если что, не мексы какие-то.
Tags: Америка, катастрофы

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