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Жуть какая!

Social media goliath Facebook shut down an experiment with artificial intelligence, after two AI programs created and began to speak a language only they knew, the Independent reported Tuesday.
Facebook developers were attempting to get the two “chatbots” to barter a trade with one another utilizing hats, balls, and books of varying values, according to the Independent. The two bots quickly resorted to speaking a variation of English between one another that seemed largely incomprehensible to the developers but was seemingly understood clearly by the two bots.
Фейсбук создал искусственный интеленкт, который придумал собственный язык и стал на нем общаться с другим искусственным интеллектом, причем люди не понимали этот язык. Ученые тут же выключили роботов. Скайнет не за горами?
Tags: жЭсть, наука

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