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И еще о том, что "правосудие в Америке одинаково для всех

Не совсем. Вернее, совсем НЕ.

The wealthy heir to the du Pont family fortune, Robert H. Richards IV, was found guilty in court of raping his 3-year-old daughter but was let off by the judge who said “he wouldn’t fare well in prison”, according to released court records.
Judge Jan Jurden decided that the Elite pedophile needed treatment rather than prison time saying that he had “unique circumstances” despite further accusations that he’d also sexually abused his toddler son.
Her puzzling rationale was based on her own observation that prison life would adversely affect Richards

Наследник мультимиллиардной корпорации ДюПонт признан виновным в изнасиловании 3 летней дочери, но не отправлен в тюрьму, а только на лечение. Судья посчитала, что ему в тюрьме будет "сложно".
И это не фейк. Вот то же самое на СНН

Эй, что там про басманное правосудие?

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