kilativ (kilativ) wrote,

Дедушка старый, уже совсем опупел

WASHINGTON — Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) was in disbelief during Sen. John McCain’s questioning of James Comey — and it showed on his face.
Sherman was spotted in the hearing room shaking his head during McCain’s awkward questioning that even Comey admitted “confused” him.
“I was, perhaps, too robustly [shaking my head] yes,” Sherman admitted. “I could not fathom how he was making this argument.”

МакКейн в попытках свалить Трампа за связи с ненавистными русскими начал заговариваться. Остальные сенаторы (демократы, кстати!) от этого слегка прифигели.
Tags: Америка, политика, русофобия

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