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Последствия банкротства Пуэрторико

As a cost-cutting measure in an increasingly devastating debt crisis, Puerto Rico will close 184 public schools by the beginning of the next school year, the Los Angeles Times reported. The closures will affect around 27,000 students and 2,700 teachers on the U.S. territory.
The announcement Friday came two days after Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello announced the territory filed for a type of bankruptcy that will allow it to restructure its debt, currently upward of $70 billion. The debt has only grown worse as Puerto Rico's population flees the island in search of better-paying jobs on the U.S. mainland.
This will be the largest school closure in the island's history. According to the Associated Press, between 2010 and 2015, Puerto Rico shuttered 150 schools, the Times reported.

Закрывают 184 школы, что б сократить расходы, 27 000 учеников будут выкинуты на улицу. Яресько - это анти-Милас. Мидас прикасался к чему либо и оно превращалось в золото, а Яресько куда не приходит - образуется говно.
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