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Крутой чувак, чо

Bulgarian ‘migrant hunter’ Dinko Valev has purchased a helicopter gunship to look for potential Jihadis posing as migrants.
The attack compliments his amphibious assault vehicles, tattoos, and ATV’s.
Dinko Valev is a former semi-pro wrestler with some pretty cool tattoos. Now, he’s a ‘migrant hunter’ who claims to have immunity from the Bulgarian government to hunt down and detain potential Jihadi migrants entering Bulgaria.
Dinko Valev has a lot of toys like ATVs and armored amphibious assault vehicles, but he’s adding something new to his collection – a legit attack helicopter.
It isn’t 100% known whether or not the guns on the helicopter are operational, but one thing is certain — they are there.

Динко Валев в Болгарии прикупил боевой вертолет для охоты за нелегальными мигрантами, которых он считает потенциальными джихадистами. Прямо персонаж Кустурицы! Утверждает, что получил лицензию от болгарского правительства на свою "охоту".
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