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A Queens woman’s mother was murdered in Russia by a local temptress, who’s been hiding right under the daughter’s nose in Brooklyn — buying flat-screen TVs and boasting about the money-driven 2014 killing ever since, sources told The Post.
Viktoria Nasyrova, 41, was busted early Monday in Sheepshead Bay more than two years after she allegedly took the life of 54-year-old Alla Alekseenko. She kept her head down and didn’t say anything as she was hauled off.
Russian police have been on the hunt for the raven-haired fugitive since 2015, along with Interpol, which placed her on the international wanted list when she fled the country.
She was nabbed by the NYPD warrant squad after they were tipped off by retired detective-turned-private investigator Herman Weisberg.
“It went like clockwork,” Weisberg told The Post moments after the arrest.
Nasyrova is accused of killing Alekseenko and disposing of her body between Oct. 5 and Oct. 6, 2014.
She allegedly carried out the murder in an attempt to rob Alekseenko of a large sum of money she had recently gotten from selling her late mother’s house, according to an affidavit that was filed by the victim’s daughter, Nadezda Ford, and obtained by The Post.

ТП прибила женщину в России, которая получила деньги за продажу квартиры и свалила в Америку, расчитывая, что уж теперь её точно никто не выдаст (с Дона ж выдачи нет!). В Америке ничуть не скрывалась, жила на широкую ногу, светилась в соцсетях (друзья пишут, что в женских группах тусовалась под ником ViNa), постила свои фотки!!! Кстати, дочь убитой жертвы тоже живет в Нью Йорке. Какое совпадение!

After the alleged murder, Nasyrova fled to Mexico and then to New York City — using fake passports to enter unnoticed, according to the affidavit.

И вот тут в голову сразу приходит стена. Пора, пора строить и все за мексиканский счет!

Nasyrova was finally tracked down by Weisberg in the beginning of March, after a close friend of Ford’s noticed how long the search for her was taking, and hired him to help.
The former cop, who retired from the force in 2010, is currently managing director of Sage Intelligence Group in Manhattan.
“When I heard Ms. Ford’s tragic story and how the investigation had gone cold, I became both frustrated and challenged by the amount of time that had passed,” he told The Post.
“The way Nasyrova was flaunting her freedom and quality of life here in New York on social media motivated me. I am glad my team and I were able to assist law enforcement and bring this travesty of justice to a conclusion,” he said.
Weisberg told The Post that he managed to find Nasyrova by keeping track of the locations she posted on Facebook. He said he sent a surveillance team to each place and was ultimately able to pin down her schedule and most frequent stops.
Nasyrova, who’s been hiding in Brooklyn, apparently went on a lavish spending spree after the alleged murder of 54-year-old Alla Alekseenko.
According to the affidavit and authorities, Nasyrova has a record of committing fraud at least twice and has been arrested for shoplifting. In one incident, she allegedly attempted to use her boyfriend’s death certificate to claim his inheritance in Moscow. In doing so, she forged numerous degrees and used fake diplomas, Ford said.

Тупая дура в Америке занималась примерно тем же самым, чем и в России - "лохов разводила" и тоже не безуспешно. Если б не дочь погибшей женщины, то преступницу и ловить бы никто не стал.

Да, вот её страница в Фейсбуке:
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