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Когда короткоствол помог

An Arizona trooper who had been shot and was being beaten by a man with a pistol was saved Thursday by a motorist who killed his attacker, authorities said.

The man who came upon the scene warned the suspect to stop striking the officer, but the man continued, said Capt. Damon Cecil, a spokesman for the Arizona Department of Public Safety, said.
The good Samaritan got a gun from his car and shot the suspect, who died at the scene.
The trooper, a 27-year veteran, was shot in the chest and shoulder. He is in serious and stable condition, Cecil said.

Какой-то придурок подстрелил патрульного, который приехал на место автомобильной аварии, и потом стал его избивать. Негодяя прикончил проезжавший мимо обыватель. Исходя из текста, добрый Самаритянин угандохал преступника одним выстрелом на месте - Ворошиловский Стрелок, не иначе. Вот не удивлюсь, если служака.
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