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Во Флориде бомжей технически приравняли к крысам

Вот такая новость:
In Tampa, Food Not Bombs activists arrested for feeding the homeless—again

Because you have to have a special permit in order to offer free food to the needy in city parks. But obtaining a city permit to feed the homeless twice a week—to set up a table and open bags of chips and bagels and spoon organic beans and rice from a pot—can be pricey because of the insurance policy the city requires.
Given how often they do it (homeless people have to eat frequently, too), that can add up.
Volunteers with Food Not Bombs knew their actions were technically illegal. They had been warned about it earlier in the week.
And they did it anyway.
As a result, seven people were arrested. For feeding hungry people in a park.
Some were arrested still wearing the plastic gloves with which they served food.
When police arrived on the scene, they gave the activists three minutes to stop feeding those in need.
Then, they moved in, pulling the volunteers away as they continued to serve.
"Please help yourselves," one could be heard saying to those still gathered as he was dragged off.

Активистов, которые кормили бомжей в Тампе, арестовали потому что кормление бомжей НЕЛЕГАЛЬНО. Нужно получать специальное разрешение и платить за него. Я, конечно, не в восторге от бомжей, но они в принципе, тоже люди, а не вредители, типа крыс или голубей, которых просят не кормить. Русские понимают, что "от тюрьмы и от сумы никогда не зарекайся", но во Флориде, очевидно, есть винеры, которым нужны наглядные страдания лузеров
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