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Интересно, как правосеки назначат русских виноватыми?

The gravesite of Rabbi Nachman of Breslav, a prominent Jewish site in Uman, Ukraine, was violently attacked by anti-Semitic vandals on Tuesday night.
According to eyewitnesses who were attacked, skinheads driving a black jeep arrived at the complex, shouting anti-Semitic epithets at Jewish worshipers while spraying them with tear gas and filming the incident with their phones.
They threw a pig’s head with a swastika etched into the center of the sanctuary and spilled blood-like paint over the floors and walls.
Jewish worshipers say no one was physically harmed in the attack. Two Israeli tourists were reportedly treated for tear-gas inhalation.
No arrests have been reported so far.
Могила раввина ахмана в Умани, Украина, была осквернена свинной головой, молящиеся евреи избиты и потравлены слезоточивым газом. Никто не арестован.
Tags: Украина, евреи, преступность

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