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Право частной собственности неприкосновенно в США? Реальность немножко иная

Typically we've seen Dakota Access Pipeline protesters arrested for trespassing on other people's land, but in Iowa over the weekend one landowner was arrested on her own property.
Cyndy Coppola was arrested on Saturday on her family's farm in Calhoun County Iowa.
She says Dakota Access gained rights to be on her property against her and her family's will. They used condemnation court and eminent domain to get easements to the property. On Saturday Coppola and friend Ed Fallon were arrested after they attempted to block trucks carrying pipeline across her farm.
Coppola says it's hard to see someone else take control of your property.
“It was very frustrating, and when I first saw that topsoil piled up when they started digging, my first reaction was to cry, because we've tried everything,” says Coppola.
Coppola and her family are part of a lawsuit brought by nine Iowa farms against Dakota Access for using eminent domain to gain easements, which they say is against Iowa state law.

Женщину в Айове арестовали за нахождение на ЕЁ СОБСТВЕННОЙ ферме, когда там начали прокладывать нефтепровод. Отчуждение земли произошло вопреки желанию владельца на основании законов eminent domain. Ещё вопросы есть?
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