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Разборки в научной среде

A former faculty member at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine who had been fired shot the school’s dean outside a popular deli in Chappaqua, N.Y., on Monday, apparently in an act of revenge, the authorities said.
The former employee, Hengjun Chao, 49, of Tuckahoe, N.Y., was charged with attempted second-degree murder after he allegedly fired a shotgun and hit two men around 7 a.m. outside the deli, Lange’s Little Store, about a mile from the home of Bill and Hillary Clinton in the New York City suburb.
Both men were taken to Westchester Medical Center and treated for injuries that were not life-threatening, the police said.
Mount Sinai officials confirmed that the dean, Dr. Dennis S. Charney, 65, of Chappaqua, was one of the victims. The name of the other victim was not released.

Уволенный из Маунт Синая профессор расстрелял декана медицинской школы этого университета. К счастью, декан выжил. У стрелка очевидно китайское имя. Почему я не удивлён?

In October 2002, Mr. Chao joined Mount Sinai as a research assistant professor. He stayed at Mount Sinai until May 2009, when he received a letter of termination from Dr. Charney for “research misconduct,” according to a lawsuit that Mr. Chao filed against the hospital and Dr. Charney, among other parties, in 2010. He went through an appeals process, and was officially terminated in March 2010.
“In informing his colleagues of his termination, Mount Sinai/MSSM stated that Dr. Chao had been ‘fired for data fraud,’” the lawsuit said. The case was dismissed, and Mr. Chao lost on appeal.

А выгнали сего деятеля за то, что он подделывал данные. Он потом долго судился, но проиграл суды и как результат - последний аргумент. Если китайцам не давать жульничать, они становятся весьма агрессивными
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