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Это реальная история

Dear Russian Parent,
I want to take the time to share my trauma and sorrow. I was visiting my parents in Brooklyn over the weekend with my 3yr old son who is of special needs. I was traveling by NJ Transit from Penn Station and taking car services around Brooklyn when needed. Yesterday I called Prestige Car Service located on Avenue X. The car was suppose to take me and my son from Brooklyn, back to Penn Station. Driver arrived and immediately upon arrival he was agitated. My son in excitement blows raspberries. When he saw we were entering a tunnel, he was overjoyed and blew raspberries. The driver began screaming at me to control my son, that he doesn't know how to behave. That his car will be wet. I tried my best to stay calm. He kept screaming for me to stick some food in his mouth to shut him up. I was beside myself. I calmly explained to the driver that my son is autistic. The driver then began yelling mentally sick kids should not be out in public then. Those that know me, you know I am fast and have a reply for everything. For the first time in 3yrs my child got attacked! Once we got to Manhattan, near Penn Station, street were getting closed off due to the MTV music awards. The driver began screaming this is my fault. He said I have to get out and go by foot! I was shaking at this point but trying to hold myself together for my child. He kept trying to get me out of the car, NYPD kept yelling at him he can't stop where he was attempting to. Three avenues away from Penn Station this driver stopped the car again...opened his trunk, threw out my luggage and my sons stroller. Began telling me to get out and how God is punishing him and he's suffering for this mesely $38 ride of mine. I told him God is watching you, I have a child with me! NYPD again began telling him this isn't allowed, he then began yelling that I have a sick in the head baby to the police! and then the jerk threw us out onto incoming traffic and sped off! I was in tears at this point and disbelief. I had to walk three avenues now. I called my husband in tears. He then called the base and the dispatcher began screaming at my husband. Dispatcher said they do not screen their drivers and do not track their where about. .I'm still shaking today over what happened. I reported this incident to BBB and wanted to let everyone here know as well.

Если коротоко - жуткая история про то, как таксист в Нью Йорке "обслужил" маму с ребенком аутистом. Переводить долго, но в реальности истории я не сомневаюсь.
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