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Техаское правосудие

Jeffrey Wood didn't kill anyone. Everybody, including the prosecuting attorney, agrees.
But unless a last-minute commutation is granted by Texas' governor, Wood will be executed by lethal injection on Wednesday night for his role in a deadly robbery 20 years ago.
In 1996, a 22-year-old Wood waited in a pickup truck while his friend Daniel Reneau went inside a gas station in Kerrville, Texas, to steal the store's safe. Reneau ended up killing the clerk during the robbery.
Most states allow a distinction between accomplices and those who physically carry out the crime.
But in Texas, sitting in that truck and taking part in the robbery is enough to get Wood convicted of murder and onto death row.

Чувака собираются казнить, хотя он никого не убивал. По законам Техаса, соучастие в преступлении достаточно для вынесения смертного приговора. Сидел в машине, пока твой корешь замочил кого-то - тебя казнят. Дикость крайняя, но таковы законы в мракобесном штате.
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