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Когда клюет в задницу жареный петух

Госдура, говорите? Депутаты действуют в своих интересах? Знаете, хочу вас разочаровать, так везде. Когда отравленная вода во Флинте покалечила сотни детей, конгрессменам было пофиг очень долго. Но стоило свинцу завестись у них САМИХ в воде, как сразу потребовали реформу ЕРА, агенства по надзору за качеством воды.

A day after House members learned that the drinking water in one of the Congressional office buildings had been shut off due to lead contamination, a bipartisan group of 61 representatives sent a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency demanding that it improve its lead regulations.
The letter urges the EPA to update the Lead and Copper Rule, the regulation meant to keep the U.S.’s drinking water free from lead contamination, so that the threshold for action is lower. Currently, if a water system finds that at least 10 percent of homes tested show levels of lead at 15 parts per billion, steps have to be taken to reduce it, including replacing lead service lines and improving the use of corrosion control measures to keep lead from leeching from pipes into water.
That action level was established in 1991 in line with the best science of the time and what was considered feasible. But, as the letter notes, “Corrosion control technologies and our understanding of the negative impacts of lead at low doses have advanced significantly since that time.” As it points out, the World Health Organization and European Union Council Directive have adopted action levels of 10 parts per billion.
The letter also urges the EPA to establish a national clearinghouse of information on tests that reveal high lead levels so that the public has more access and notification. The EPA has said that it’s working on a revision to the Lead and Copper Rule and will release a draft next year.

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