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Про госпиталя для бедных

Да, они есть, госпиталя для бедных. Несмотря на то, что потом вам все равно попытаются всучить счет, тем не менее, малоимущих все же лечат, обычно за счет государства (наших налогов) и счета выставляют нехилые. Но уровень ухода соответствующий. И это говорю не я, об этом говорят врачи. К примеру, госпиталь для малоимущих в Бруклине - Кони Айленд Госпиталь, им пользуются все те русские эмигранты, которым государство выдало медикейд и которые писают кипятком, как им хорошо.

Coney Island Hospital in Brooklyn, New York, is drawing scrutiny after a doctor told of horrors that allegedly occurred at the hospital while he or she was a pediatrics resident there.
The city-run hospital is plagued by chronic negligence, unqualified care, and poor supervision, the unnamed physician wrote in an anonymous report published by the New York Post.
"We were chronically understaffed and most of the nurses were pulled from other departments. They didn’t know how to find a vein in a child’s arm for an IV, or how to perform CPR on a tiny infant," the report reads.
The doctor detailed stories of a 5-year-old boy whose pulse stopped, an infant struggling to breathe, and a 4-year-old girl experiencing a seizure while providers failed to respond appropriately.
"In addition to staff not being adequately trained for the specialized departments where they were thrown, the hospital was plagued by a poor work ethic. The staff would leave regularly to get food or take naps, while lax attending physicians failed to lead," the doctor wrote.


Когда медсестра не может поставить капельницу - это пугает.
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