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Думаете только в Думе сидят идиоты? В Конгрессе их не меньше.

Shut down the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
That’s the recommendation from the Republican Study Committee (RSC) to House Republicans. The proposal to shutter the IRS, together with other policy initiatives, were submitted by RSC Chairman Bill Flores (R-TX) to House Republican task forces for consideration.
The proposal went on to claim:
Under the Obama Administration, the IRS has illegally targeted conservatives. It has channeled millions of taxpayer dollars away from taxpayer assistance for employee bonuses. It has allowed taxpayer information to be compromised in a data breach. The IRS has even intentionally leaked confidential taxpayer information. Despite these facts, the president’s budget actually calls for increasing spending on the IRS by $1 billion.
The solution? “[T]he complete elimination of the IRS.”
But wait: that doesn’t mean that collecting taxes would fall by the wayside. The RSC suggests that “[t]ax collection and enforcement activities would be moved to a new, smaller, and more accountable department at the Treasury.” Those who wish work for the new – not IRS – agency would “need to undergo a rigorous evaluation of their work performance before being hired to positions of trust, and would be subject to discipline and termination if they failed to honor that trust.”
And that’s it. There are no other specifics on how the new – not IRS – agency would function, what a budget for the new -not IRS – agency might look like, or how the new – not IRS – agency might operate. The big selling point from the committee is clearly the “not IRS”

Республиканские конгрессмены хотят отменить IRS - контору по сбору налогов. В качестве альтернативы предлагается НЕ-IRS, без всяких пояснений. То есть, отменить сбор налогов и ничего не делать! При этом эти мудаки получают зарплату из налогов, собранных IRS. IRS им больше всего не нравится аудитами. Хотят джентельменам (своим спонсорам и самим себе) верить на слово! Я, конечно, понимаю, что налоги никому не нравятся, но рубить сук на котором сами же и сидят...
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