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Лбительницу стволов застрелил собственный 4 летний ребенок

Дура, слава Богу, жива осталась. Но это лишний раз говорит, что стволы нужно и можно давать в руки только тем, кто подготовлен, а конкретно - кто в армии служил.

A Florida woman known for a strong pro-gun stance was shot, accidentally, by her 4-year-old son, authorities said.
Jamie Gilt, 31, was taken to a hospital after the Tuesday shooting, and is believed to be in stable condition.
"She was sitting in the driver seat and he was in the back seat, behind her. He shot straight through. The bullet entered her lower back and exited through her abdominal area. It went through her and we recovered the round inside the vehicle. It was a .45 caliber (handgun)," Capt. Joseph Wells said.
Authorities said the firearm was legally owned by Gilt, who maintained a Facebook page entitled "Jamie Gilt for Gun Sense," where she regularly posted pro-gun positions. On her personal Facebook page, Gilt once bragged about her son: "Even my 4 year old gets jacked up to target shoot with the .22."
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