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Насчет нефтяной экономики

The stock market has been intensely fixated on oil prices this year. The correlation between oil and the S&P 500 is almost perfect, a highly unusual situation compared with historic norms.
Cheap oil is great for car drivers but it's freaking Wall Street out for many reasons. First, the oil crash is hurting corporate profits, especially in the energy sector.
Low oil prices are raising the specter of a wave of bankruptcies in the energy sector. Already, dozens of oil companies have filed for bankruptcy. Investors are also worried that cheap oil signals something negative about the health of the global economy.

Даже как-то комментировать затруднительно. Америка хотела стать крупнейшим нефтедобытчиком и почти им стала, что делает её, согласно либеральной логике, нефте-бензоколонкой. Ну и вот....
Tags: Америка, экономика

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