November 6th, 2021


Не черными едиными

Good evening Parents. I was in the Asser Levy Park with my infant and 5 years old. At around 7 pm we were on our way home when a kid no older than 10 years was driving his bike straight on my stroller. I jumped in front and asked him hey what are you doing? In response i heard all types of cursings. Then i asked him where are your parents and why does he talk that way. On what he told me to suck his .. and that i am and stuff like that. Now all of them like 8 kids started following and cursing me out. I went out of the park, they surrounded me and the stroller, my kids are crying, cursing me saying the words I wouldn’t imagine the kids could say. I was really scared, i called 911. Thankfully police came right the way, the kids run away.
Now i have them on video, i have a report for harassment, and i will send pictures and video i made to the local schools for ID. I will not post video here because i am not sure if it is legal. My point is I won’t let this slip. They were russian kids, local either from trumps, bwt or brighton area.
Parents when you let your kids out without supervision, please, teach them bow to talk to people how to respect older people. I am sure they are not bad kids but they have to learn their lesson so i will notet that go.
This is bullying. This is disrespect. This is harassment. I am still in shock of what i heard from those little mouthes.

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the similar story happened to our elderly neighbor. He was riding his bike in the park when a swarm of teens on bikes started riding straight at him, forcing him to fall down and break his arm. They kept circling him, cursing and they were later identified. I forgot what this thing is called. It has a name.

I had them approach me with my kids saying same suck my d… they had an African American kid with them and his older sister and you should have seen how they both scolded the kids for speaking to me like that they almost beat them up and told them to apologize to me and what did you think? They APOLOGIZED and I told them how dare they speak to an adult like that you should have seen how scared they were of those two AA kids kudos and power to those kids mom who stood up for me I was in shock how they spoke to me and how afraid they were of them wow

Это из закрытой группы, ссылки не будет. Но смысл понятен. Гопники они и в Америке гопники, даже если эти гопники - русскоговорящие еврейские (скорее всего, судя по демографии) малолетки. Прикольно, что в нашем районе таковых осаживают афроамериканцы.