January 5th, 2021


Парковки в Нью Йорке

For weeks last fall, a flood of new cars had been filling up parking spaces in Noreen O’Donnell’s Boerum Hill neighborhood in Brooklyn, and finding a spot had become a 15-, 30- or even 45-minute ordeal.
Then one October night, Ms. O’Donnell lost it: First, she discovered that another driver had dented her car, leaving no note and $3,000 in damage. After running an errand, she returned to find the parking space she had used near her home taken. For an hour, she circled the neighborhood searching for a spot, until around midnight she gave up and parked illegally outside a school.
“It’s like the Hunger Games for parking,” she said. “It’s not harder now — it’s relentless.”
Last spring, as the pandemic engulfed New York City, people dealt with shortages of basic goods like toilet paper, paper towels and hand sanitizer. But a surge in car sales — propelled in part by people leery of public transit — has created a new pandemic-induced shortage: parking spaces.
Across New York, drivers complain that free street parking has become increasingly scarce after people who drove away for the summer returned, outdoor dining took over roughly 10,000 parking spaces, and car ownership soared.

У нас с этим делом было плохо, а сейчас вообще караул. Найти парковочное место все сложнее и сложнее. Оказывается, за год в связи с падемией почти на 50% выросло число машин в городе. Никто не хочет толкаться в метро. Запарковать на ночь машину просто нереально в некоторых местах. Даже у нас, когда чистят улицы, можно было за полчаса до окончания приехать и найти свободноен место, поставить машину и подождать, пока окончится время для мойки улиц. Сейчас - минут за 45 уже нет мест. Я думал какой-то флюк, а оно вот как.
В статье пишут про 45 минутный поиск парковки без особого успеха. Паковка в гараже - от 300-400 долларов в месяц.