October 24th, 2020


Над Маском смеется весь твиттер.

Recall that then-President Evo Morales won the Bolivian election last year, facing off against far-right forces backed by the American government. In that election, however, US-backed watchdog groups intentionally cast doubt over his victory to try to instill uncertainty in the democratic process and undermine his party's claim to power, something that should seem familiar to Americans now that Trump is poised to do the same. The elite media consensus that the election was "rigged" was also aided by the propaganda campaign waged by a US Army veteran who created a vast botnet on Twitter that sent out huge numbers of tweets trying to push the narrative that Morales' opponent won fair and square.
This week, Morales watched as the Movement Toward Socialism party achieved almost certain victory in elections held on Sunday. Morales himself is not en route to be Bolivia's new leader — that distinction belongs to his former finance minister, Luis Arce, as Morales is in exile in Argentina. Morales himself claimed at the time that he was pushed out by forces which opposed him because of his Aymara background (he was Bolivia's first president to come from its indigenous community, which comprises nearly half of Bolivia's total population) and because of his attempts to nationalize Bolivia's lithium.
This is where Musk enters the story. Musk's business empire is reliant on cheap lithium, a fact which some saw connected to a tweet from the SpaceX CEO, who gloated after Morales' ouster last year: "We will coup whoever we want! Deal with it." Though Musk himself states that his companies get their lithium from Australia, global lithium prices and access are intimately connected to nationalization (or privatization) policies in countries with vast reserves, like Bolivia.
In any case, Musk's words were interpreted as an object demonstration of American neo-imperialism — that is, a foreign policy implemented by the United States which holds that the country has the right to meddle in other nations' political affairs to serve its own self-proclaimed interests. America has done this on a number of occasions throughout its history, from Guatemala and Nicaragua to Chile and Iran. The billionaire class, which Musk is a part of, benefits from this kind of oft-violent intervention by American military and intelligence apparatuses that encourage privatization and resource control of foreign assets for the benefit of US companies and their CEOs.
Now, Twitter has been dunking on Musk in the aftermath of Arce's victory.
"Elon Musk in July on removal of former Bolivian President Evo Morales. Bolivia holds world's largest lithium deposits - critical for powering electric cars," journalist Daniel Medina tweeted. "Today: No comment from Musk as Morales' Movimiento al Socialismo party won Sunday's presidential election in landslide."
Political cartoonist Carlos Latuff expressed a similar thought, tweeting that the "people of Bolivia said NO to the military coup, the CIA and the coup-monger asshole @elonmusk! Congratulations @LuchoXBolivia and @evoespueblo."
Journalist Ken Klippenstein was more succinct, tweeting that he was "calling in a wellness check on elon musk."
Comedian Christine Sydelko tweeted that people should not forget Musk's comment, writing that it is "just your friendly reminder that Elon Musk is a giant steaming pile of dog s**t."

Илона Маска здорово опустили в Боливии. Не видать ему дешевого лития для своих батареек. А то петушился еще летом: кого хотим того и свергаем, живите с этим. Ну, теперь хунта посыпалась, а литий будет национализирован. Причем в Боливии не было экономического краха по типу Венесуэлы. Несмотря на социалистов у власти в течении полутора десятка лет, эклномика Боливии росла на 3-5% ежегодно, а ВВП на душу населения УДВОИЛОСЬ

Вывести базу из Гюмри

После потери Карабаха ублюдок Пашинян постарается перевести стрелки на Россию и русских, мол зачем нужны такие созники, раз не помогли. Наверняка его прихлебатели потребуют вывода базы, поскольку самого Пашиняна к этому времени повесят как Хуссейна - в Азии не любят тех, кто проигрывает войну. Что могу сказать - нужно будет уважить "дарагих друзэй", поскольку единственное, что останавливает Азербайджан от вторжения в саму Армению и создания сухопутного коридора в Нахичевань - это база в Гюмри. Скажите, не осмелится, Запад наложит санкции? Да нефига. Запад накладывает санкции когда хочет принудить сильных игроков или игроков, которые важны (как Куба). НАТО не впишется - Турция заблокирует, да не просто заблокирует - еще и поможет Азербайджану. Армянское лобби в США оказалось на деле пшиком перегретого кишечного газа, а турецкое лобби довольно сильным. В конце концов нужно отчетливо показать, что Сорос не поможет, если ты поссорился с Россией, а тебе угрожает война. Нет у Сороса больших батальонов, только интриги и желание обворовать кого-то. К тому же до армян в Армении должно же когда-нибудь дойти, что они НЕ Европа, они Азия и Ближний Восток в глазах мирового сообщества. А на Востоке геноцидят друг друга постоянно. "Что делает джентельмен к востоку от Суэца не волнует джентельмена к Западу от Суэца". Армения - это к Востоку от Суэца для американской и европейской публики.