October 14th, 2020


Маски и карантин убивают?

На примере Новой Зеландии - таки наоборот. Даже с учетом коронавируса.

As Covid-19 causes a significant increase in death rates for much of the world, New Zealand is likely one of the few countries where the global pandemic has caused a reduction in deaths.
Nearly 1200 fewer people have died this year than had at the same point in 2019, data from Stats NZ shows.
The data show the weekly number of deaths from all causes. As of July 20, 17,955 people had died this year.
It is the lowest absolute figure since 2016; when accounting for population growth, it is the lowest death rate per 100,000 people in at least 10 years, the period in which data is available.
It puts New Zealand in an enviable position. While other countries find hidden Covid-19-related deaths in excess mortality figures – which, in hard-hit areas, can be more than 50 per cent – New Zealand’s death rate is running around five per cent lower than the average rate over the previous five years.
There were two working hypotheses, said Professor Nick Wilson, a public health researcher at the University of Otago: Fewer respiratory diseases in circulation, and a lack of air pollution.
“The remarkable thing was that lockdown seems to have just stopped a lot of circulating viruses,” Wilson said.
“Lockdown must have just stopped these things... There will have been fewer elderly people dying of pneumonia because of reduced circulating viruses.”
Data from overseas showed death rates rose alongside air pollution, Wilson said. New Zealand's air quality increased markedly during lockdown.

Новая Зеландия при этом агрессивно отслеживала случаи заболевания, изолировала, устраивала локдаун, заставляла мыть руки и носить маски. И вуаля - люди стали меньше умирать, в том числе от сезонного гриппа и заразных заболеваний. И никакого кислого воздуха в масках, который убивает!

Когда система сгнила, самая передовая медицина не поможет

During this pandemic, people in the United States are dying at rates unparalleled elsewhere in the world.
A new report in the Journal of the American Medical Association finds that in the past five months, per capita deaths in the U.S., both from COVID-19 and other causes, have been far greater than in 18 other high-income countries.
"It's shocking. It's horrible," says Dr. Ezekiel J. Emanuel, a professor of health policy and medical ethics at the University of Pennsylvania and one of the authors of the study.
"The United States really has done remarkably badly compared to other countries," he says. "I mean, remarkably badly."
The study looks at per capita death rates in 2020 in 18 countries with populations larger than 5 million people and per capita gross domestic product levels above $25,000 per year. It breaks out deaths attributed to COVID-19 and examines how total deaths in the U.S. are higher than normal this year. This so-called "all-cause" mortality takes into account fatalities that may have been due to the coronavirus but were never confirmed or were due to other factors such as people not seeking medical care during the crisis.

Вот что делает страховая медицина при отсутствии медицины государственной. Смертность от ВСЕХ причин в США во время пандемии намного превосходит на душу населения любую развитую страну. Медицина в самом деле, наверное, лучшая в мире. Но не для всех. А для большинства - Фобос и Деймос. И деньги на лечение собирают, да.

Просто факт

В Австралии до 1960-х аборигены регулировались законом о флоре и фауне Flora And Fauna Act, что делало их не людьми, а местными животными, согласно закону. А нам рассказывают про "зверства коммунистов", которые всем самым мелким народам автономию создавали.