July 14th, 2020


Чисто по-китайски

A driver deliberately crashed a bus full of passengers into a reservoir in southwestern China, hours after discovering his house had been demolished, local police said Monday.
Twenty-one people died and 15 were injured on July 7 when the bus swerved across five lanes, smashed through a guard rail and partially sank, according to police in the city of Anshun, in Guizhou province.
There were 12 students on the bus at the time of the crash, five of whom died, according to state media. Some of the students were about to sit their their college entrance exams, known as the gaokao, China Central Television (CCTV) reported.
The driver, surnamed Zhang, was among those killed.
"Zhang was unsatisfied with his life and with the demolition of his rented public house. In order to get noticed, he committed an extreme criminal act," the Anshun police statement said.

У чувака снесли дом, где он арендовал субсидированное жилье, он ничего не мог с этим поделать и, будучи водителем, разбил и утопил свой автобус. Вместе с пассажирами. 20 человек вместе с собой унес в могилу, некторые из них дети. Это все что нужно знать о китайском менталитете и их отношении к мести.

Никогда не было и вот опять

Nearly four months after invoking a 1950s-era law in order to compel businesses to manufacture equipment for the fight against the coronavirus, the Trump administration has made only sparing use of its authorities, leaving front-line workers in dire need of supplies like masks, gowns and gloves amid the recent surge in cases.
The Department of Health and Human Services listed 19 companies that have received contracts under the Defense Production Act to produce emergency supplies, including 600 million N95 respirators and face masks. But experts say it's not enough and that the effort started far too late.
Only about half the masks ordered will be delivered by the end of this year.
While large health systems and hospitals have been able to build up their inventories of equipment through preexisting contracts, smaller physicians' offices and assisted living communities have had trouble getting what they need. As states have reopened and schools and businesses scramble to obtain their own protective gear, demand is likely to continue to outpace supply.

"Стабильный гений" Трамп в приказном порядке мобилизовал экономику на производство масок и прочего защитного оборудования, но вот, сюрприз! хваленая американская промышленность (которая не в Китае, сами можете представить что тут осталось) не справляется с этим! Блядский Рейган пусть в аду горит за вывод промышленности в Китай. У нас опять нехватка защитных средств тв связи с тем, что на Юге США началось массовое заражение, которого по идее не должно быть, потому что в Техасе нет выдуманных эпидемий и все такое.


В России начнут прививать в середине Августа. Гинзбург толковый ученый, кроме того у Гамалейника большой опыт в создании вакцин от МЕРСа и Эболы. Вот и проверим опытным путем британских ученых.

The results of human clinical trials completed at Russia's Sechenov University were reported to have proven the effectiveness of its vaccine candidate, according to Elena Smolyarchuk, the head and chief researcher at the university's Center for Clinical Research on Medications, Russia's TASS news agency reported Monday.
"The research has been completed and it proved that the vaccine is safe. The volunteers [of the clinical trials] will be discharged on 15 July and 20 July," Smolyarchuk told TASS.
The participants of the trials will remain under medical supervision on an out-patient basis after they are discharged, Smolyarchuk noted.
Alexander Gintsburg, head of Russia's Gamalei Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology where the vaccine was developed, hopes the vaccine will "enter civil circulation" on August 12 to 14 and that private companies will begin mass production by September, he told TASS.
Clinical trials on two formulations of the vaccine candidate were launched last month at Sechenov University, with 18 people vaccinated on June 18, followed by a second group of 20 people vaccinated on June 23, TASS reported.
The potential vaccine has reportedly been developed by the same government labs that produced an effective vaccine for the Ebola virus as well as MERS virus, The Washington Post reported.