June 10th, 2020


Сколько расистских анекдотов!

Все же русские в массе расисты и не особенно от этого страдают.
Вот например, парочка:

Афроамериканское сообщество так нехило поднялось на грабежах в результате мирного протеста, что требует от полиции задушить ещё одного негра.

На фоне беспорядков у меня возникло чувство, что мой чёрный кот - это реинкарнация негра.
Он тоже ничего не делает, всё время хочет только жрать и развлекаться, и периодически устраивает погромы.

Оставлю тут

Since Memorial Day weekend, the number of patients hospitalized due to coronavirus infection has gone up in at least a dozen states that are tracking hospitalization data.

The states include:

North Carolina
South Carolina

These findings are according to data that CNN aggregated from the Covid Tracking Project from May 25 to June 9. Some of these states are seeing larger increases in hospitalizations than others.
For instance, while hospitalizations rose slightly in California, they appear to be leveling off compared with the sharper increases seen in Arkansas, Arizona, South Carolina and Utah. In other states where the increase was small, such as Oregon and Mississippi, their hospitalization data has been fluctuating over time.
Overall, the new data mark an increase in several states that began in the past couple of weeks. The lag period between when people are exposed to the virus to the time that they may actually get tested and come back with a confirmed infection can be about two to three weeks.
When it comes to cases alone, 19 states nationwide have seen a more than 10% increase in the number of new cases they reported between the weeks ending June 2 and June 9.

Ну, что и следовало ожидать. Госпитализации на "стали больше тестировать" никак не списать.