June 4th, 2020


Как простые американцы относятся к протестам

Most Americans claim they find the anger fueling the protests that have spread across states to be "justified," according to a new poll by the Monmouth University Polling Institute. Additionally, per the poll, more than 3 in 4 Americans believe racial and ethnic discrimination is a major problem, up from just 50% of the country in 2015. Indeed, more than half of respondents said that race relations in the U.S. have gotten worse since Trump was elected president.
Most notable, however, is the fact that 54% of participants who said they'd heard about the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week and the ensuing protests claimed that the actions of the protesters were either fully, or partially justified. And when asked whether the anger that led to the protests was justified "[r]egardless of the actual actions taken," 57% of respondents agreed it was fully justified, with another 21% saying it was partially justified.

Большинство считают что протесты обоснованы и расовая дискриминация - реальная проблема. Зато если почитать фейсбуки русскоязычных эмигрантов - все протестующие мародеры, погромщиуи и всё это на пустом месте. А почему? Потому что пишут НЕ американцы, какой бы паспорт у них ни был. Они не родились здесь

Парад во Франции

France will replace its traditional Bastille Day parade down the Champs-Élysées in Paris with a smaller military ceremony due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Minister of Armed Forces, Florence Parly, said Friday.
The July 14 ceremony will be a scaled down celebration and will include a tribute to health care workers.
An Elysée spokesperson told CNN that the gathering in Paris would be about half the size, reduced to 2,000 participants and about 2,500 guests.

Ну тоже сократили и всячески ограничили, хотя во Франции давно пик заболеваемости пройден

Национальная гвардия

Это Калифорния. Национальная гвардия выражает солидарность с протестами. Если Трамп прикажет им подавить силой протесты, не факт, что подавлятьт не начнут Трампа (и трампистов).