April 19th, 2020


И мафия тоже

В Италии, пользуясь недоверием населения к власти, промахами в управлении и в целом используя проблемы государства, пустоту заполняет мафия.

Earlier this month, there was a funeral procession in the Sicilian town of Messina, in defiance of a nationwide lockdown in Italy.
It was no ordinary procession. The couple of dozen people walking behind the hearse were paying their respects to a 70-year-old scion of one of the most notorious Mafia famiglie.
Claudio Fava, president of the regional anti-Mafia committee, described it as a "real scandal, an insult to those who lost their relatives in the pandemic."
Funerals have been banned in Italy since early March as part of a broader set of restrictions aimed at curbing the Covid-19 outbreak that has killed nearly 23,000 people as of Friday.
That the procession took place at all speaks to the power -- and the impunity -- wielded by the Mafia in parts of Italy.
Senior anti-mafia officials and researchers have told CNN that Mafia clans are already taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic, especially in southern Italy.
They are providing everyday necessities in poor neighborhoods, offering credit to businesses on the verge of bankruptcy and planning to siphon off a chunk of the billions of euros being lined up in stimulus funds.
The most powerful branch of the Mafia -- the 'Ndrangheta, based in Calabria -- is thought to control 80% of the European cocaine market. Even as the pandemic made distribution more difficult, it took advantage of the lockdown.
Journalist Roberto Saviano -- author of "Gomorrah: Italy's other Mafia," an expose of the Camorra mafia in Naples -- told CNN that "the traffickers took advantage of the [lack of] oversight of law enforcement in the ports, in the airports."
"Who was checking any more?" he asked.

Как бы намек. Не хотите Путина? Будет АУЕ.

Хуцпонавт месяца

A Louisiana pastor who defied state orders and repeatedly held large church services during the coronavirus pandemic is now asking congregants to donate their stimulus checks to the church.
Pastor Tony Spell launched what he called the #PastorSpellStimulusChallenge, asking Americans to donate their government stimulus checks to evangelists, missionaries and music ministers who he said have not received offerings in over a month. He said he, his wife and his son have all donated their checks, and added that those without a church can donate through his website.
Asked by CNN's Victor Blackwell on Sunday why he is asking "people who you know don't have much" to hand over their $1,200 stimulus checks, Spell said it was because some evangelists and missionaries don't receive stimulus money.
"We are challenging you, if you can, give your stimulus package to evangelists and missionaries, who do not get the stimulus package," he told CNN Sunday
"If they close every door in this city, then I will close my doors," Spell told CNN last month. "But you can't say the retailers are essential but the church is not. That is a persecution of the faith."
Spell has also told CNN he believes the pandemic is "politically motivated" and has said said the rules are a "government overreach."

Пастор в Луизиане, где всяпшка коронавируса убила кучу людей, собирал своих прихожан вопреки запрету, а теперь просит, чтобы люди отдали свои деньги, полученные от государства ему или прочим евангелистам, миссионерам и "музыкальным проповедникам" (что за черти ряженые - я не в курсе). На вопрос, почему он просит даже тех, у кого нет средств отдать деньги, пастор ответил, что некоторые евангелисты и миссионеры не по получили деньги от государства. Вот жеж логика! И он требует закрыть сперва все магазины с едой, прежде чем он закроет церковь. Кстати, в Луизиане евангелисты - это наследственное. То есть, церковь передается по наследству от отца к сыну вместе с паствой, там нет никакого рукополодения или иерархии. Вот такой вот бизнес, который поганые власти нарушают своими запретами! А вы говорите попы - мракобесы.

Мы прошли через некий порог.

На сегодняшний день каждый тысячный житель штата Нью Йорк умер от коронавируса. Не просто заболел - умер. Простой грипп, ну конечно.
New York 242,570 случаев; 1,247 на сто тысяч; 19,428 умерло; 100 на сто тысяч;
Это по штату, в городе еще хуже. На данный момент только с подтвержденным диагнозом болеет 1.5% населения города.