April 9th, 2020


Метро на грани коллапса

At least 41 transit workers have died, and more than 6,000 more have fallen sick or self-quarantined. Crew shortages have caused over 800 subway delays and forced 40 percent of train trips to be canceled in a single day. On one line the average wait time, usually a few minutes, ballooned to as high as 40 minutes.
The transit agency was late to distribute disinfectant to clean shared work spaces, struggled to keep track of sick workers and failed to inform their colleagues about possible exposure to the virus, according to interviews with two dozen transit workers.
As the virus spread, many workers became so concerned that they took measures into their own hands: They cordoned off seats with duct tape to distance drivers from riders and used their own masks and homemade disinfectant at work, only to be reprimanded by supervisors.
“The M.T.A. has taken aggressive action to protect the health and safety of our heroic work force on the front lines of this crisis,” Mr. Foye said.
Still, around 1,500 transit workers have tested positive for the coronavirus, and 5,604 others have self-quarantined because they are showing symptoms of the infection. Absenteeism is up fourfold since the pandemic began, officials say.
The authority is disinfecting train cars and buses every three days and has urged riders to wait for empty trains to mitigate the overcrowding problems caused by reduced service.


Уже 41 работник транспортной системы умер от коронавируса (ну тот, который обычный грипп) с начала эпидемии в городе, то есть за последние две-три недели. 6 тысяч или болеют или в карантине, поскольку контактировали с больными коллегами и членами семей. И это несмотря на снижение числа рейсов на 25%. На настоящий момент дезинфекция автобусов и поездов метро проводится раз в ТРИ дня. Как мертвому припарка.

А вот это вредительство и измена Родине

Mounds of harvested zucchini and yellow squash ripened and then rotted in the hot Florida sun. Juicy tomatoes were left to wither — unpicked — in farmers' fields.
Thousands of acres of fruits and vegetables grown in Florida are being plowed over or left to rot because farmers can't sell to restaurants, theme parks or schools nationwide that have closed because of the coronavirus.
Other states are having the same issues — agriculture officials say leafy greens in California are being hit especially hard, and dairy farmers in Vermont and Wisconsin say they have had to dump a surplus of milk intended for restaurants.
With most of its harvests in the winter months, the problem is acute in Florida. For example, a few dozen people clamored to buy 25-pound (11- kilogram) boxes of Roma tomatoes direct from a packing plant over the weekend in Palmetto, a city on the western coast.
The cost per box? Just $5.
"This is a catastrophe," said tomato grower Tony DiMare, who owns farms in south Florida and the Tampa Bay area. "We haven't even started to calculate it. It's going to be in the millions of dollars. Losses mount every day."
Many growers have donated produce to food banks, but there's a limit on what the charities can accept and storage is an issue for perishable fruits and vegetables. DiMare said some central Florida food banks are full after theme parks shuttered and donated massive amounts of produce.
Farmers are scrambling to sell to grocery stores, but it's not easy. Large chains already have contracts with farmers who grow for retail — many from outside the U.S.
"We can't even give our product away, and we're allowing imports to come in here," DiMare said.
In the past week, 20 federal lawmakers from Florida and state Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried sent letters urging U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue to include Florida farmers in federal food purchase and distribution programs so the surplus crops can help feed the hungry and food insecure. Some 37 million Americans struggled with hunger before the pandemic, according to Feeding America, a nationwide network food banks.
The federal coronavirus relief act contains $9.5 billion in aid to farmers.

В отличие от фермеров Висконсина, которые просто выливают молоко, чтобы цены на него не падали, фермеры Флориды, где урожай гниет на полях, поскольку нет спроса от ресторанов и парков развлечений, готовы отдавать свою продукцию за смешную цену ниже себестоимости: 11 килограмм помидор за 5 долларов! 20 центов за фунт! Но покупатели только местные, а много ли их? Отдают и задаром для питания малоимущих, но овощи долго же не хранятся и хранить их негде. А большие корпорации, которые поставляют овощи населению через магазины, покупают овощи ЗА РУБЕЖОМ!!! до сих пор. Это если не измена, то точно вредительство. Причем не со стороны корпораций даже, у них, я подозреваю, контракты, а со стороны федералов. Конгресс может с легкостью аннулировать все контракты, вводя надуманные санкции, а тут - прямо-таки ну никак. Вредители и паразиты. И не Трамп вовсе - эти хотя бы что-то купят по программе питания для голодающих.

Грипп, обычный грипп, все врут

The city has little choice but to bury Gotham’s mounting coronavirus dead on Hart Island, a City Hall spokeswoman confirmed Thursday.
“For decades, Hart Island has been used to lay to rest decedents who have not been claimed by family members. We will continue using the island in that fashion during this crisis and it is likely that people who have passed away from COVID who fit this description will be buried on the Island in the coming days,” mayoral spokeswoman Freddi Goldstein told The Post.
Mayor Bill de Blasio said earlier this week the city was considering temporary burial of the pandemic’s dead on Hart Island, but shied away from making a firm commitment.

А тем временем мэр Нью Йорка отдал приказ хоронить погибших от эпидемии на отлельном острове в общих могилах в деревянных ящиках. Ну а че, именно так во время обычного гриппа и происходит.

И для, для АЛЬТЕРНАТИВНО одаренных - хоронить собираются НЕ ВСЕХ, а кто не сможет оплатить похороны. Мэрия ожидает, что таких может быть МНОГО.

Чувствую, нужен апдейт, а то опровергателей набежало. Ну вот вам:
The grim milestone came as New York City officials hired contract laborers to bury the rising number of dead in its potter’s field on Hart Island, an area which has for decades been used to bury those with no known next of kin.
New York recorded 799 deaths from coronavirus on Wednesday, bringing the state’s total death toll to 7,067. New York has lost about the same number of people to coronavirus as the UK.

Если кратко: в городе вчера умерло почти 800 человек от Ковида (напомню, без эпидемии в городе умирает 145-155 человек в день) и городские власти наняли рабочих хоронить людей в массовых могилах на Харт Айленде. Не собираются нанять, а уже по факту наняли.
Но понятное дело, это обычное дело, именно так при обычном гриппе и бывает. Грипп, обычный грипп. Кто говорит иначе - фейк ньюс

И с другого фронта тоже нерадостно

Another 6.6 million people filed for unemployment benefits last week, according to the US Department of Labor, as American workers continue to suffer from devastating job losses, furloughs and reduced hours during the coronavirus pandemic.
It was the second largest number of initial unemployment claims in history, since the Department of Labor started tracking the data in 1967.
Altogether, about 16.8 million American workers, making up about 11% of the US labor force, have filed initial claims for jobless benefits in just the prior three weeks alone. About 7.5 million workers filed for their second week of benefits or more last week.

Уже 11% стали безработными с марта. Если добавить тех, кто был безработным до этого - получается 15%