March 28th, 2020


А вы в курсе?

There are now 25 sailors who have tested positive for the coronavirus aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, just two days after the Pentagon announced that three sailors aboard the ship had tested positive for the virus, a Navy official has confirmed to CNN.
The Navy says they expect there to be additional positive tests among the crew, with one official telling CNN there could possibly be "dozens" of new cases that emerge. A second official said that were there to be a large number of additional cases, the Defense Department would be unlikely to publicly specify how many of the Navy's overall cases are amongst members of the crew of the Roosevelt, due to concerns that adversaries such as China or North Korea could see the ship as vulnerable.

Авианосец Теодор Рузвельт поражен эпидемией и, скорее всего, становится быстро недееспособным. Власти скрывают информацию из соображений обороноспособности (что верно и нечего гыгыкать на русских в подобных случаях).