January 31st, 2020


Деревня Гадюкино

SEATTLE -- January might usually be a rainy month around here, but it's never been quite this rainy before.
With yet another rainy day on Jan. 31, Seattle has now notched measurable rain on 28 of the 31 days this month -- tying the record for most days in a month with measurable rain with the 28 days of rain in January 2006 and January 1953.
If you want a tie breaker though, of the other three days this month without measurable rain, two of them measured a "trace" of rain meaning it rained but not enough to measure. The other two years of the record had two totally dry days.
So far in 2020, our only dry day was Jan. 1 -- which, don't forget, was so windy the Space Needle fireworks were canceled.
Another soggy streak that is still active: Consecutive days with at least 0.10" of rain or more. Friday's storm brings it to 11 days in a row with that much rain. That streak is tied for 5th-longest. The record is 17 set in 1953.

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