September 11th, 2019


Партия жуликов

While many of their Democratic counterparts were attending a 9/11 memorial event, Republicans in the North Carolina House of Representatives took the opportunity Wednesday to override the governor’s veto of the state budget. Rep. Jason Saine (R) made the motion to reconsider the controversial budget, prompting chaos to ensue in the nearly half-empty chamber. House Democratic leader Darren Jackson said he was told by Republicans there would be no recorded votes that morning, leading him to tell his caucus that they did not need to be at the session. Speaker Tim Moore (R) ignored objections from the 12 Democrats—of 55 total—present, and allowed the vote to proceed.

И это не ЕР, а республикаки. Пока демократы в Северной Каролине отправились на траурные церемонии в связи с 911, республиканцы в ассамблее штата проголосовали за отмену вето губернатора. При этом вперва пообещав демократам не проводить никаких голосований в их отсутствии. При наличии всех демократов, республиканцам бы это не удалось. Крысюки натуральные!