February 4th, 2019


Забота о человеках, жизнь бесценна и бла-бла-бла

Inmates at a federal jail in Brooklyn have suffered for days without heat or power during a wintry cold snap, according to lawyers and U.S. lawmakers who rallied outside the jail on Saturday demanding the problems be fixed and ill inmates moved.
Mayor Bill de Blasio, after receiving reports of the inhumane conditions suffered by the prisoners, announced on Saturday that the city of New York would deliver hand warmers and blankets to the prisoners, several of whom reported difficulty breathing due to the cold and lack of access to medicine. However, according to Assemblywoman Joanne Simon, prison officials never actually gave any prisoners the blankets, despite accepting the delivery.
"There are rumors and there is misinformation because they're hiding," said Congresswoman Lydia Velazquez at a protest, criticizing prison officials for not addressing the well-known heating problems until it reached a crisis point. "We're here to do whatever it takes so that these people have some heat."
A federal judge has ordered the Bureau of Prisons to appear in court on Tuesday to testify as to the source of the problem and when it will be fixed. The Legal Aid Society of New York reported to the Bureau of Prisons about the inadequate heating in the MDC facility as early as Januart 22, but never received a response.
Protestors have criticized the administration of the MDC facility in Brooklyn, in addition to callous disregard for the human rights of their prisoners, of deliberate misinformation. Police at the facility have already used pepper spray against the nonviolent protestors on Sunday.
Prison officials have claimed that they have "submitted a work ticket" on the issue.

Заключенные федеральной тюрьмы в Бруклине несколько дней сидят без электричества и отопления. Сейчас на улице +10, но пару дней назад ночью было до -20. Даже тюремные охранники жалуются на холод, а тюремному начальству плевать. Заключенным передали теплые одеяла, вертухаи их взяли, но зекам не отдали. Хорошая забота о человеке в стране, где человеческая жизнь что-то значит, в отличие от...? Ну а начальство как рфик, не виновато. "Они подали рабочую заявку".

Если Бог ума не дал, молитва не помогает

As New York is seeing the largest measles outbreak in decades, a bill introduced in the New York State Assembly would repeal a state provision that exempts children from getting vaccinations for religious reasons.
Since September, there have been about 200 recorded cases of measles across New York state.
As of Jan. 29, 2019, there have been 64 confirmed cases of measles in the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn alone since October, according to the city health department.
The bill, introduced by Democratic Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, who represents the 81st Assembly District in the Bronx, would repeal all non-medical exemptions from vaccination requirements for children across the state.
“Kids are getting sick, and they’re getting sick because they’re not getting vaccinated. It’s that simple,” he told Politico.
This isn’t the first time such a bill was proposed, and historically efforts to make changes to the religious exemption have not fared well.

У нас эпидемия кори, причем в основном среди религиозных евреев, которые используют закон, согласно которому можно отказаться от вакцинации детей на основании религии. Там уже даже раввины говорят, что оснований для отказа в Торе нет, но тупым же не объяснишь, что они убивают собственных детей! Законодатели пытаются отменить данный закон, но исторически религия - священная коровва и трогать её за вымя не позволяют.

Ну и немного нового про американскую коррупцию во власти

A Republican Indiana lawmaker's efforts to eliminate the state's child labor laws have raised conflict of interest concerns because he employs hundreds of minors at a ski resort.
The Indianapolis Star reports that Republican Sen. Chip Perfect's bill would remove work permit requirements for minors and remove restrictions on hours that 16- and 17-year-olds can work. Perfect is also the CEO of Perfect North Slopes, which employees 300 to 400 minors.

Республиканский депутат в ассамблее Индианы внес закон отменяющий ограничения на использование детского труда. В частности, он хочет убрать ограничения на время, которые несовершеннолетние могут работать в течении дня и избавиться от разрешений для такой работы (непонятно - от родителей или со стороны надзирающих органов или и того и другого). По "случайному" совпадению данный упырь является владельцем бизнеса, который использует труд 16-17 летних в количестве от 300 до 400 человек.
Привет диккенсовский капитализм, хотя Диккенс мертв уже более ста лет. "Дедушка умер, а дело живёт".