October 4th, 2017


Жуть-то какая!

Adjunct professors in America face low pay and long hours without the security of full-time faculty. Some, on the brink of homelessness, take desperate measures
Sex work is one of the more unusual ways that adjuncts have avoided living in poverty, and perhaps even homelessness. A quarter of part-time college academics (many of whom are adjuncts, though it’s not uncommon for adjuncts to work 40 hours a week or more) are said to be enrolled in public assistance programs such as Medicaid.
They resort to food banks and Goodwill, and there is even an adjuncts’ cookbook that shows how to turn items like beef scraps, chicken bones and orange peel into meals. And then there are those who are either on the streets or teetering on the edge of losing stable housing. The Guardian has spoken to several such academics, including an adjunct living in a “shack” north of Miami, and another sleeping in her car in Silicon Valley.
The adjunct who turned to sex work makes several thousand dollars per course, and teaches about six per semester. She estimates that she puts in 60 hours a week. But she struggles to make ends meet after paying $1,500 in monthly rent and with student loans that, including interest, amount to a few hundred thousand dollars. Her income from teaching comes to $40,000 a year. That’s significantly more than most adjuncts: a 2014 survey found that the median income for adjuncts is only $22,041 a year, whereas for full-time faculty it is $47,500.

Думаете постдоки зарабатывают мало? Оказывается, профессора и доценты, которые читают лекции в небольших колледжах, зарабатывают такой мизер, что питаются объедками и вынуждены иногда жить в машине, поскольку денег на жилье нет, а некоторые подрабатывают проституцией. Средняя зарплата доцента - 22 тысячи в год! Это примерно как в МакДональдсе!!! А полноправный факулти, то есть полноразмерный профессор - 47.5 тысячи. Бухгалтер зарабатывает больше. У меня вопрос: а с какого хрена тогда обучение столь дорогое???? Куда идут деньги за обучение, которые платят студенты и их родители????

А это вообще какой-то запредел

Somewhere in the southern California city of Anaheim, less than five miles from Disneyland, three porta-potties – two pink, one gray – are locked in a city storage facility. It’s not where they’re supposed to be.
They were meant for a dusty homeless encampment that sprawls along the west bank of the Santa Ana river, and is home to hundreds of men, women and children in tents and other makeshift shelters.
But the toilets are sitting unused after being confiscated by the city, and the residents have nowhere to relieve themselves except in the bushes, or in buckets, or in the cramped privacy of their own tents. Activists are up in arms over the primitive conditions in which camp inhabitants are living, and which, in their view, the local government appears to have sanctioned.
“This is a public health crisis for the homeless community,” said Mohammed Aly, a homeless advocate and lawyer who helped install the toilets. Not least it was a case, he said, of providing people with simple human dignity.
Aly pointed to a recent hepatitis A outbreak in San Diego as an example of what could happen if local leaders don’t take swift action. Fifteen people have died and hundreds more have been infected, most of them homeless, in a city where 24-hour restrooms are lacking and one of the best defenses against the disease is hand-washing. Even as the outbreak dragged on, San Diego was slow to provide temporary sinks.

И это в "социалистической" Калифорнии с экономикой размером с Францию. Если коротко, городские власти конфисковали у бездомных три передвижных сортира (нет разрешения на их установку) и те вынуждены гадить по углам. А это не один бомж какой-то, там целый городок - под мостом у реки. Там живут СОТНИ бомжей, включая детей. Волонтеры им помогают, это они установили сортиры, но сам факт целого городка бомжей, живущих как африканские беженцы - это как-то не укладывается в голове. Я привык всё же к тому, что у нас бомжей с семьями пытаются пристроить хотя бы временно в шелтеры, которые пусть хреновенькие, но здания. С душами и туалетами. Однако в калифорнийском "шанхае" была вспышка болезни Боткина и 15 человек умерло. Удивляюсь, как там холеры не началось! А это уже угроза добропорядочным бюргерам, голосующим за республиканцев и презирающих лузеров-нищебродов. Болезни убивают всех.