March 27th, 2017


Reds are back

For America's communists today, it seems the Red Scare has been replaced by the Orange Scare — President Donald Trump.
“I think Trump may not even consciously know it, but the objective effect of his policies move us in a fascist direction,” he said. “I think the fascist danger is very great. He is not an ordinary right-winger.”
Trump is threatening to make broad political changes that aim to elevate the power of corporate America while weakening the power of the people, Tyner said.
“He put racists in charge of the Justice Department,” he said. “He put polluters in charge of the EPA. He put the head of Exxon in charge of foreign policy and a woman who believes in private schools in charge of the nation’s education policy when 90 percent of the students attend public schools.”
Tyner’s overall assessment of the current occupant of the White House: “The guy is a crude ignoramus.”
He’s quick to point out that since Trump’s election, the Communist Party USA has seen a slight uptick in membership — about 600 new members since Election Day.
During the past five years, about 5,000 Americans have joined the Communist Party USA via the internet, party officials said. Most of these members haven’t join the party’s clubs, or grassroots organizations. There are 3,000 clubs nationwide.

Американская компартия заполучила новых членов, после избрания Трампа. Ну чё, пусть будет. Теперь рекрутинг идёт через интернет и всё такое. Прикольно


The refugees at Sterling come from all over the world, from Syria to Sudan, Chad to Bhutan. And they've all passed the company's standard drug test.
"In our lives, we don't have drugs," said Alzamel, who was hired within three months after arriving in Pennsylvania. "We don't even know what they look like or how to use them."
But for an increasing number of American-born workers, passing drug tests is a big problem.
The percentage of American workers testing positive for illegal drugs has climbed steadily over the last three years to its highest level in a decade, according to Quest Diagnostics, which performed more than 10 million employment drug screenings last year. The increase has been fueled in part by rural America's heroin epidemic and the legalization of recreational marijuana in states like Colorado.
With roughly half of US employers screening for drugs, failed tests have real consequences for the economy.
More than 9% of employees tested positive for one or more drugs in oral fluid screenings in 2015, the most recent year for which data was available. And the problem is even worse at places like Sterling Technologies.

Полагаю, что текст достаточно тенденциозный, но он подчеркивает реальную проблему - рабочее население США, избиратели Трампа и Бёрни, потребляют наркоту в огромных количествах, тогда как понаехи - нет, поскольку приезжают преимущественно из стран, где такое удовольствие им не по карману или нет традиции, или там за это просто голову отрубают. Соответственно, американские бизнесмены нанимают на работу не местных наркоманов, число которых измеряется миллионами, а вот таких приезжих Педро и Махмудов. Бизнес, ничего личного.