January 1st, 2017


Ночной позор

Смотрели трансляцию с Таймс Сквера, где минут за 15 до наступления нового года выступала Мерайя Кери. Позорище было ещё то - пела под фонограмму; иногда не пела, а фонограмма играла; по сцене ходила в развалочку, хотя по идее должна была танцевать. Местные комментаторы просто в шоке, а все было в прямом эфире, между прочим.

Не путайте гомологию с идентичностью. А то - пулю в лоб

Evolutionary biologist Dr. Constance Noring shot and killed her microbiology colleague and formerly good friend, Dr. Dan Deline when, for the umpteenth time he used the word homology when he really should have said similarity.
“He was completely grinding my gears”, said Dr. Noring.
“Know what he said? Want to know what he said? He said that he was comparing two paralogous DNA sequences and they were seventy fricking five percent homologous, according to clustal”.
“I just saw red. I completely lost my mind. I told him, I don’t know how many times, that homology is a concept and similarity is a measure that can be expressed as a percentage. Did he listen? Did he f*ck!!”
“The guy is supposed to be a biologist, yet this is the kind of crap he comes out with?”
“I’m only sorry I didn’t shoot him earlier.”

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Список имен-фамилий, кторые звучат по-английски смешно, но принадлежат реальным людям

Dick Bender (real sports person)
Dick Burns
Dick Bush (real person)
Dick Finder (real name of a urologist)
Dick Head (если что, залупа по-английски)
Dick Hertz
Dick Hyman (famous jazz musician)
Dick Hunter (my junior high principal - really!)
Dick Long
Dick Mussell
Dick Pole (real major league baseball player)
Dick Pound
Dick Rasch (real person)
Dick Swett

Там еще есть