March 9th, 2011


Письма в газету

Пишут обыкновенные американские граждане. Только вчитайтесь, все же народ понимает гораздо больше, чем многие "продвинутые блоггеры":

О налогах:
Our deficit is also a moral issue; we have the deficit because our former administration decided to fight wars without paying for them. We need either tax for the wars as we have in the past or not start them.

О профсоюзах:
A reader wrote that public union collective bargaining was the most corrupt practice in history. A union is a group of citizens voting democratically to demand fair wages and benefits; so, according to the critiques, citizen organizing is corrupt, which seems to be very un-American.

A letter describes a collective bargaining as a corrupt practice in the extreme. My wages also based on an individual contract with my employer, and as a professional I earn a good deal more then most organized workers. Despite that, however, my corporate CEO, who refused to give rises to the staff in 2010, received a bonus 100-fold my entire salary. What other force besides organization could ever correct such disparity in the labor market?

О бакстерах и профсоюзах:
Nobody cared about collective bargaining until the banks blasted a Goldman-Sachs-sized hole in our economy. We can expect near-depression events like this every decade from now on because not a single banker paid for these crimes. Today we are seeing very simple misdirection: the classic "divide and conquer" tactics of Republicans.

В чем я всецело поддерживаю Республиканцев

В их отношении к мусульманам в Амернике. Разница между террором и терроризмом ровно такая же как между исламом и исламизмом.
В этом плане лучше всех сказал Хаккаби:
Mike Huckabee, likely a 2012 presidential candidate, last month called Islam "the antithesis of the gospel of Christ" and criticized congregations that allow mosques to use their churches for prayers.