kilativ (kilativ) wrote,

Выруби белого

Думал, что мода на knockout прошла, но нет. В августе, оказывается, был один вопиющий случай, когда очередной негр вырубил очередного белого, которым оказалась белая беременная женщина

34-year-old Brooklyn woman who is six-months pregnant was laid out cold in a vicious “knockout game” attack.
The violent assault was caught on video which was published by the New York Post.
The victim, Jannatul Ferdous, was walking with her sister in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood Thursday when 33-year-old Willie Stephens slugged the pregnant woman with one single blow, knocking her unconscious.
The video camera captures Stephens walking swiftly toward the two women. As he is passing, he decks Ferdous in what appears to be her face and walks away while barely missing a step.
Neither Ferdous nor her child were seriously injured by the attack, according to the Post. Her sister called the police and gave them Stephens’ description.
He was captured and charged with assault.

Это к вопросу о том, как можно стать жертвой СЛУЧАЙНОГО насилия на улицах США и при этом ствол - не большая помощь.
Tags: преступность

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