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О нефти

OPEC's strategy to pump like crazy despite collapsing oil prices seems to be finally paying off: The U.S. oil industry is showing cracks.

Oil supply from non-OPEC countries is set to slow dramatically next year and slip into its first contraction since 2008, the International Energy Agency said Wednesday in its monthly oil market report.
And the IEA said the U.S. will be the hardest hit, as more oil producers rethink their priorities and cut production.
"While some producers might be successful in lifting output in the short-run, we expect the majority will struggle to sustain higher rates over longer periods due to steep spending curbs," the report said. The IEA monitors energy market trends for the world's richest nations.
The U.S. drilling activity is already down steeply from the October 2014 peak; 59% fewer rigs were operating at the end of July. Oil hit a six-year low of $43.08 a barrel on Tuesday, dimming hopes for a significant uptick in activity any time soon.

Короче, Саудиты таки хоронят лошадь. В США число нефтяных вышек сократилось на 60%. Я не ошибся цифрами. С выходом из дела вышек заложенных на сланец в прошлом году (пик пришелся на октябрь) - дела будут только хуже. Осенью у сланцевиков время расплачиваться по кредитам - вот тогда самая веселуха начнется. До зимы дотянуть, а там цена опять пойдет потихонечку вверх. Не до 100 баксов, конечно, а где-то до 70, в худшем случае 60.
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