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Я всегда знал, что Эппл - бизнес-империя зла.

An Apple Store employee told Tim Cook that the company treats its staff like "criminals."

That's according to a recently unsealed e-mail that is part of a lawsuit filed against Apple (AAPL, Tech30) in 2013. The suit, filed in federal court in California, alleges that Apple Store employees were not paid wages for time spent waiting while managers checked the workers' personal bags for stolen iGizmos before they left the store.
In an e-mail sent on April 2, 2012, with the subject line "Fearless Feedback from Apple Retail Specialist," an unnamed employee told Cook that the bag check policies are "both insulting and demeaning to Apple employees."
The employee said Apple Store employees are issued a card with the serial numbers of all their personal Apple devices. Managers ask employees to present their iPhones and cards when they leave, and then they perform a bag check -- often in front of "gawking customers."
"These procedures imply that Apple doesn't trust or respect their employees," the person wrote. "Managers are required to treat 'valued' employees as criminals."
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