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А вот и мордокопых начали сливать

A New York City police officer has been indicted in the death of Akai Gurley, an unarmed man shot and killed in a Brooklyn housing project in November, a law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation has told CNN.
The charges against Officer Peter Liang were not revealed Tuesday.
Gurley, 28, was "a total innocent who just happened" to run into Liang in a "pitch black" stairwell at the Louis H. Pink Houses in Brooklyn, New York Police Commissioner William Bratton told reporters the day after the killing.
At the time, the NYPD said the fatal shot was an "accidental discharge."
Liang, with less than 18 months on the job and on probationary status, had been placed on modified assignment and stripped of his gun and badge pending an investigation.
"This officer deserves the same due process afforded to anyone involved in the accidental death of another," Patrick Lynch, head of the police union, said in a Tuesday statement. "The fact the he was assigned to patrol one most dangerous housing projects in New York City must be considered among the circumstances of this tragic accident."


Пока что, делу дали формальный ход. Скорее всего, полицейского не посадят и оправдают. Вопрос в том, оставят ли его дальше работать в полиции. Если уволят - это будет сигнал прочим полицейским и сигнал, который им не понравится: никакого картбланша и гестаповским полномочий больше не будет. Если же полицейского оставят на работе - будет опять социальный протест.
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