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Крысиная проблема

Weeks after moving into Douglass Houses in the Upper West Side, a woman walked through the living room to the bathroom said ran right back to bed when a rat sauntered across the room in front of her.
She and her husband shuffled between shelters for years as they waited for to be placed by New York City Housing Authority into a new home. They didn’t think the new home would come with rats for roommates.
“They walk in here like they own the place,” the husband told Metro.
They live just outside of one neighborhood targeted by the city's Department of Health as a "rat reservoir." Even if they were inside the designated area, public housing at large is not included in the pilot program.
As a result, the couple — like some of their fellow residents in Douglass who let a Metro reporter into their homes and declined to have their names published — have been forced to take the rodent problem into their own hands while they wait for NYCHA to step up.
The couple moved into a street-facing unit late last year only to find gaping holes that rats and mice used to enter the apartment.
Aside from the general disrepair of broken windows and busted refrigerators, the husband said they were met with at least one dead rodent in a bloody bathtub the day they moved in.
They plugged whatever cracks they could themselves out of pocket, using foam instead of cement to seal the holes. Hot air circulated through all the apartments. They were afraid of opening windows only to allow more rats inside.

Ничего себе муниципальное жилье для бедных. Понятно, что дареному коню в зубы не смотрят, но ДЫРЫ в стенах, через которые могут заходить КРЫСЫ (а это немаленькие твари) - это как-то круто. И это не задрищенск, это Нью Йорк, Манхэттан.
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