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Зато у богатых всё-всё в порядке

Just 36% of Americans under the age of 35 own a home, according to the Census Bureau. That's down from 42% in 2007 and the lowest level since 1982, when the agency began tracking homeownership by age.
It's not all their fault. Millennials want to buy homes -- 90% prefer owning over renting, according to a recent survey from Fannie Mae.
But student loan debt, tight lending standards and stiff competition have made it next to impossible for many of these younger Americans to make the leap.
"When we surveyed Millennials they cited several barriers to homeownership, especially access to financing," said Steve Deggendorf, a senior director for Fannie Mae.
Many Millennials simply can't come up with the hefty 20% down payments. Others don't have good enough credit to qualify for loans.

Короче. Только треть молодых американцев (до 35 лет) могут купить себе дом хотя бы в ипотеку. Это самый маленький процент за всю историю наблюдений этого индекса (за 40 лет). Молодёжь обременена долгами за учёбу и у них просто нет 20% от стоимости дома наличностью, которую надо заплатить в самом начале.
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