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Казалось бы, причём здесь Болотная?

NEW YORK — An Occupy Wall Street activist convicted of assaulting a police officer was sentenced to 90 days in jail on Monday.
Cecily McMillan, who insisted she was innocent, had faced as much as seven years in prison. She apologized in court for injuring the officer but said it was an accident.
"I can say with certainly that I am innocent of the crime I was convicted of," she told Justice Ronald Zweibel in Manhattan Supreme Court. "I cannot confess to a crime I did not commit ... in hopes that you will return to me my freedom."
The felony trial of the 25-year-old graduate student became a rallying point for activists. The courtroom was packed with about 50 of her supporters; scores more could not get in.
"A civil society must not allow an assault to be committed under the guise of civil disobedience ... Ms. McMillan must take responsibility for her conduct," Zweibel said.
McMillan was charged with deliberately elbowing an officer in the eye in March 2012 during a gathering that marked the six months since Occupy Wall Street began.
While more than 2,600 cases ensued from the protests over economic inequality, most involved misdemeanor or violation charges. Manhattan prosecutors agreed to dismiss more than 78 percent of the cases. Most included the condition that defendants stay of trouble for six months.

Студентка, участвовавшая в антправительственных протестах в 2012 году осуждена на 3 месяца тюрьмы и пять лет условно за то, что при аресте она заехала локтем в лицо полицейскому. Ей грозило до 7 лет тюрьмы. Теперь прикиньте, чтобы было, если бы она кидалась в полицию камнями, как наши "страдальцы". Ещё обратите внимание, что было возбуждено 2600 уголовных дел (сравните с Болотной, ага), из которых 78% были закрыты, но остальные-то - нет. Оцените количество осужденных.

И, в дополнение, чтобы вы имели представление о том, на что способные полицейские, если им оказывают сопротивление с любым импровизированным оружием (булыжники, ага), вот дополнительная сегодняшняя новость:
The scissors-wielding ex-con fatally shot by cops at a Brooklyn apartment had been drinking — and had a physical confrontation with cops several years ago, police sources said Monday.
Osbourne Broadie, 39, also had an extensive rap sheet: 13 arrests — eight in New York, four in Houston and one in South Carolina, cops said.
Broadie had been drinking in the hours before he clutched scissors and attacked police at an apartment in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens about 8:30 p.m. Sunday.
Cops who arrived at the Clarkson Ave. building found Broadie’s girlfriend, Tameka Washington, 38, in the building’s lobby; she had been stabbed once in the chest. They quickly found Broadie and demanded he drop the scissors, but he lunged at them, cops said. Officers fired multiple times, cops said.
Washington was in critical but stable condition on Monday.

Полиция не обязана беречь ваши жизни, если полицейские видят угрозу себе. И это ПРАВИЛЬНО.
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